Our Tale

Legnology's journey started over a cup of coffee and a converstaion about how hard it was to find a pair of comfortable tights in great quality that met all the "wants" on our list.

As two women with a long background in fashion, production and product development and a undying passion for hosiery, we thought we'd change that.

For decades women have been struggling with the same problems when it comes to hoisery.

Uncomfortable waists, sagging crotches and the constant pulling and adjusting. We think it's enough.

In our oppinion (call us crazy) once you put your tights on, they should stay in place and be comfortable.

So we started sketching. Building our tights from toe seam to waist line, making sure they fit all our needs and expectations.  

Both of us being mothers (and one a grandmother) the environment is of huge importance to us as well.

We need to think about what we leave behind for our children and childrens children. 

Pantyhose themselves can never be "ECO-friendly" as they're made from raw oil, therefore at Legnology we do our best to make sure our production is as green as possible. From fiber, through production to packaging. 

Why do you not use recycled fibers?

There are two types of recycled fibers, pre consumer and post consumer fibers.
Pre consumer is the waste fibers from production and post consumer are the ones from used products. Both fibers have to be processed again to create "new" usable fibers, which takes both chemicals and energy and unfortunately today there is still a long way to go in the process of how to recycle hosiery, separating the polyester fibers from the elastane in used products.

Our products are very specific in their making due to the compression and functions and the desired quality simply can't be achieved with 100% recycled fibers.
How ever, all our fibers used are traceable and certified to guarantee they are made in the most sustainable way.

Where do you produce?

Our products are made in Italy, the cradle of hosiery production.
Our manufacturer use solar powered plants on machines that use up to 20% less energy and the steam from production is recycled in to the heating of the plant and the dye house is using a closed loop system.

What else do you do for the environment?

It's not all about the product. The packaging is usually the first thing to go in the trash. That's why we have zero plastic in our packaging and it's made from certified food grade paper, which basically means you could pack your lunch in there if needed.
No harmful glues or UV-prints are used, which makes it 100% biodegradable. We actually suggest to keep the box to store your tights in, as that means more protection for your tights while storing them.

We believe that sustainable production is about the whole chain. From fiber, through production to finished product.