Fibers, production and packaging


We sometimes get asked how we can be sustainable without using recycled fibers.
Since the launch in 2012 we do have a product, our 120 denier Stay up leggings, containing about 75% recycled fibers.

When we created our products we did so from scratch. We looked at everything from fiber options, best knits and ergonomical possibilities to get the best fit and durability for the type of products we wanted to make.
What we found was that to get the best possible quality, that met our standards, we needed to use a virgin fiber, meaning a fiber that was not reprocessed.

Recycled fibers are fantastic in many ways but to keep in mind is that anytime you produce pre or post consumer fibers you use the same amount of energy and chemicals as when you make them the first time and for Legnology's products the end result with recycled yarn, did not give the same durability or finish. So in the long run, more durable hosiery in virgin fibers is the more sustainable option.


Legnologys products are designed in Sweden by us and 
produced in Italy by one of Italy's most knowledgable hosiery manufacturer, in a factory driven by solar energy, knitted on machines that run on 20% less energy then older machines and where the steam from production is recycled back in to the plant for heating.

Dying is done in a closed loop system, which means no harmful chemicals are let back out in nature.


The importance of the packaging is many times forgotten. It's usually the first thing to go in t he trash and many times it contains plastic hooks and plastic bags.

Our packaging is made from certified food grade paper, with no harmful UV inks or glues.


From the start our philosophy has always been to use real women in our communication.
We make products for real women, and we all look different. We embrace that to the fullest by never editing or retouching our models.

Our goal is to make amazing quality products for everyday life that our customers can feel good about. Inside and out.