Welcome to my mom's

My mom collects Singer and Husqvarna machines, the real old school ones in iron.

Each of them weighs a ton and can probably sew through asphalt if you tried.

This is how I grew up. Hanging with my mom at her many sewing classes she held at the community centers or at home in the kitchen in Stockholm. Hours on hours long classes in the evenings, every week and always fully booked with women who wanted to learn how to mend, hem and sew.

It's one of those things I cherish! My mom taught me how to sew. I had no fucking patience at all, at ALL! But she didn't give up and now it's one of the most relaxing things I know, and I've passed on the passion to my own daughter. She's 9 going on 10 and she repurposes her old clothes in to doll outfits. I tell her the same thing mom always told me, "fix it before you nix it!" Most things can be repaired or altered so before discarding ANYTHING, try to fix it.

Words to live by.

So my incredible colleague and mom is still to this day holding sewing classes, the last one for this year is fully booked but if you live in the Stockholm area and would like to sign up for the next one, just email us at info@sootsthlm.com to reserve a spot. There's limited availability so first come first served.