Tights, it's a man's world.

Did you know that the hosiery business is male dominated? True story. Which doesn't have to be bad, but men in general don't wear pantyhose and it's sometimes hard to describe a feeling. And maybe thats why we've had the same issues with hosiery since they first got on the market in the 1940's and why we so often encounter women who say they hate pantyhose, because "their bodies are not made for tights".. Say what?!

Well this sucks...

Let's reprogram that and understand that pantyhose are knitted in tube shapes and then sewn together so it's not you, it's the tights that are not made for you.

Hosiery production is very technical and chemical, a bunch of numbers punched in to a computer and then machines that knit, tube after tube, hence the male domination.

We've been in the business of hosiery, buying and production for 20+ years and one thing that's pretty clear is that women somehow have just accepted the situation, that pantyhose are a pain in the a**. You buy two sizes too big to get the length and then they ride down ALL-DAY-LONG.

It's because in production, all you see are numbers on a screen and then conduct fittings on flat metal or plastic legs (volumetric forms), where you can basically pull a size XS to a L if you pull hard enough. It's not gonna work out great once it's on a real woman.

Looks just right...juuust right.

When we started Legnology that was our main goal. We had to start from scratch and build products with the female body in mind and oooh my word....I think our manufacturer wanted cut their phone lines and to go in to complete hiding from us for a while. We've been so picky with the construction and details, from the choice of fibers to the quality tests, fittings, you name it. I mean we know, it's probably insanity to go in to a market where there's already an abundance of hosiery brands, many of them that's been a round for decades and then try to change something thats been done the same way for all this time. But we knew we could accomplish something new. It's been hard tho I'm not gonna lie. We wanted all day comfort, great fit and products that were produced in the "greenest" way possible. Pantyhose are made from raw oil so they can never be organic, that's why you need to work on everything else in the most sustainable way possible.

We've been in the factory in Italy to see the production, testing fibers, Skype meetings with live fitting sessions on real women in all shapes and sizes and it took us a good year to finally say, OK...this is good, we can put our name on this.

Being a family business too, we've wanted to wrap the tights around each others necks so many times but the end result we can agree on, it's been worth it. It's all made with a whole lot of love, passion and determination.

And we're still learning, always learning..