The dry hand quality test.

To buy or pass. Guys, I was cursed since birth with chronic dry hands and it's awful most of the time, I probably don't even have to tell you that, and you who suffer the same feel me.

However many years ago I realized what a useful tool dry hands can be. It's like a quality testing tool, no joke! And almost foolproof! Polyester in various blends tend to get stuck on dry fingers, the cheaper the blend the more it gets stuck.

I mean most of the time you can tell just by looking at a dress or a sweater what it's made of, especially if it's a that clingy, static-y kind that's going to crawl up your body with every move. Shrugs...

But basically, if anything sticks, stay away!

It's definitely a no buy for me. It doesn't feel good on your skin. Because... duh, it gets stuck. Second, it tells you the surface will most lightly fail you after the first wash. You'll get pilling and snags and just look worn. Not cool. Save your dollars. For you that are blessed with the baby soft mitts, bring a friend with dry hands for shopping...or you're just stuck reading the labels. ;) What will make you shy away when it comes to the quality of your item?