The size is right

In 1996 the European standards committee started the process to designing a new modern system of labelling clothes sizes, resulting in the standard EN 13402 "Size designation of clothes" that came in to effect in 2004.

(However, acceptance of this form of standardisation varies from country to country.)

As the public has gotten larger in general through the years they decided to split then size M /38-40 and make the new scale XS/32-34, S/36-38, M/40-42 , L/44-46 and XL 48-50. This "new" EU standard is the one we are using for our Legnology products.

Important to know aswell regarding hosiery is that despite what you might think, buying a bigger size then "your" size to get the length in the legs, will not fix the problem of your pantyhose falling down. Because of the elasticity of your hosiery, they will stretch to satisfactory length but still start creeping down since the waist then is too big. This was one of our main concerns when making our products and therefore we simply added extra leg length.

For sizing in our clothing brand SootSTHLM we decided to

use double sizing S/M and L/XL, then decided to ad an additional single size, XS.

SootSTHLM's clothes are generously sized for maximum comfort ranging XS/32-34, S/M 36-42, L/XL 44-50 and


And remember, the size is just number. Most importantly is that your clothes fit nicely and comfortably. When they do, you feel good and look your best.