What the heck is the difference?

We've touched on the subject before but it's worth going over again because we do get a lot of questions about what the difference is between shape and support and regular tights.

“the shape wear",- what are they and what do they do?

Tights and leggings in this category all have some type of function. They are constructed in a special way to support or shape the tummy, legs or butt.

The making of shaping/compression product are a bit more technical than that of “regular” pantyhose, due to the functions and compressions that have to be placed in the right places.

They are a bit stiffer and tighter to the feel, because of the way they are knitted and the different fiber compositions, usually with a higher percentage of elastic fibers.

This is why it’s also a little trickier to put on shaping and compression products than regular pantyhose, but as you say “if there’s a will there’s a way” ;)

Make sure to choose the right size for you. It should be the size closest you your measurements, or to make it easier, same as what you would buy in underwear.

So, without being scared off by the feeling that your tights might be two sizes too small, proceed to put them on as you would regular pantyhose, by collecting the whole leg in your hands, the toes goe in the toe part first(naturally). Then carefully and simultaneously work your way up the rest of your legs up to the crotch.

The important part is to make sure you place the desired tummy or tush function in the right place.

(For example…you want to make sure you don’t slip the tights with “extra tummy support” on backwards, as it will tuck that butt flat in to your back.)

Products with leg compression are another fabulous thing and a personal favorite. There are three levels of compression, light, medium and medical. Medical compression products are very firm and has to be knitted under license on special machines.

Compression tights aids blood circulation in tired legs, and can be a great relief if you suffer from swollen legs or have a job where you sit or stand for long hours at a time.

Shape wear products are a great way to enhance your beautiful curves while giving support, most importantly they should do it while being comfortable. When you feel good, you look good.

Stay fabulous girlfriends!